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Changes in technology have thrust electrical contractors into a swirl of new services and specialties as the 21st century unfolds. As businesses struggle to meet the increasing opportunities that global markets provide, electrical contractors are faced with on-going training of personnel and upgrading of tools and equipment.

The current weak economy and worldwide concern for combatting terrorism places electrical contractors in a positive position. Law enforcement is clamping down on the corporate executives who are bleeding their companies and falsifying financial statements. Through the immediate uncertainty, construction and real estate are proving to be a safe haven for investors, spurring opportunities for contractors who can perform more than one function on a jobsite.

Electrical contractors have become more valuable to the architects and general contractors because of what they can accomplish. The power, communications and controls work fall under one multi-functional professional operation…the electrical contractor.

A recent study on business customer product and service preferences reported that small business customers show the greatest inclination to turn to an electrical contractor for their warranty and service needs.

Nearly a century of tradition in construction has been marked by dozens of landmark innovations. Even though the telecom industry has experienced its share of setbacks, it is predicted that wireless local area networks are going to far exceed the use of hard wired networks like Ethernet. Compared to wireline networks, there will be a proliferation of all kinds of applications for WLANs.

Pagoda Electrical plans to stay in the vanguard of companies who are trained, qualified and certified in the installation and maintenance of these systems. Corporations as well as home markets are providing hot spots of interest. Our engineers can design and install electrical systems in the following areas, as well as other applications.